Hang Up The Phone

Ever notice the mind chatter that constantly nags?  It might tell you to worry, be angry, feel bad… Unless these thoughts drive us to take steps to be better, they are dis-empowering, useless, and destructive.  This song reminds me to cut those negative thoughts short, give myself the benefit of the doubt, and be more generous in my thinking about myself.

Words and music © 2012 Jacqueline Jax Silva Harmony Playground, ASCAP, all rights reserved.


When you think you’re not enough
When you think you aren’t loved
When they’re calling you a fool
When it says you’re just not cool
When you cannot catch a break
And relive each last mistake
When you think you aren’t tough

   Hang up the phone
   Tell those pesky thoughts goodbye
   Leave them alone
   Let those old, tired thoughts pass you by

   Hang up the phone
   On those thoughts that say you’re wrong
   Get in the zone
   To hear those thoughts that make you strong

When it seems too hard to try 
When you’re barely getting by 
When your life is full about doubt
Wondering what it’s about
When it seems there should be more
Something higher to explore
Don’t go back to that same, old line, oh, no, no


   You’re better than you think 
   Trust that bigger you
   Open up your mind
   To get a whole new point of view