Living All the Way CD

Living All The Way CoverIf I told you this music was food for the soul, some might think I was talking about soft, contemplative music.  Where there are a couple of sweet, soft love songs and one that I hope will get you thinking very seriously, sometimes food for the soul means celebration!

“Living All the Way” is such a musical work.

Several of the songs are great for a good aerobic workout – taking in those upbeat thoughts while breathing fresh life into your body.  Each song has its own story.  It is my hope you are inspired and brightened by each one.

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Produced by Jacqueline Jax Silva

Co Producers:
Tripp Sprague (Keep Listening, Truly Love Again)
Daniel Nahmod (All other tracks)

All vocals by Jacqueline Jax Silva except on Keep Listening Reprise, Family Version as noted.

All recordings made and instruments played by Daniel Nahmod, Humanity Music, Orange County, CA except as noted.

Engineering, mixing, and mastering: Daniel Nahmod, Humanity Music, Orange County, CA.

1.  Living All the Way

2.  Why Do I Do It

3.  Hang Up the Phone – Guitar: Guy Gonzales, Drums: Derek Syverud, Guitar, and vocals recorded at Tripp Sprague’s Studio, San Diego, CA

4.  Just Be Happy

5.  Truly Love Again – All instruments: Tripp Sprague, Recorded at Tripp Sprague’s Studio, San Diego, CA.

6.  Heart’s Desire – Flute: Tripp Sprague

7.  More Fun – Sax: Tripp Sprague

8.  Would I Have Walked Past Him – Flute: Tripp Sprague

9.  Ocean In Motion

10. Keep Listening – Keyboards & Bass: John Giulino, Guitar: Guy Gonzales, Drums: Toby Ahrens, Recorded at Tripp Sprague’s Studio, San Diego, CA.

11.  Keep Listening Reprise, Family Version – Keep Listening was the first song I recorded for this CD.  I originally invited my family to help me with the backup vocals.  This rougher version of the last choruses and a bunch of ad-libbing came from that original track and is very, very cute. Thanks to my loving backup team Geoff Lizar (son), Daniel (nephew), Heather (niece), and Ray Nagey (brother), and Barbara Peisch (singing buddy).