Heart’s Desire

For Linda and Rafael Munoz, my wedding gift to them. 

Words and music © 2012 Jacqueline Jax Silva Harmony Playground, ASCAP, all rights reserved.


   Nothing but your heart’s desire
   Flowing passion, soul on fire
   All the God’s of love conspire to bless your life
   All your love it will require
   Your happiness it will inspire
   Nothing but your heart’s desire for all your life

Even as the years grow longer
Ever will your bond grow stronger
Ever will you love grow fonder still
Know that nothing can divide you
Know the love that grows inside you
Know that Spirit’s here to guide you through


Have the heart to be courageous
Have the heart to be outrageous
Have the heart to be contagious love
Open up your heart to pleasure
Open up with easy measure
Open up your private treasure trove 


Imagine all the years of love before you
The dreams you only hoped for have come true