Just Be Happy

I stay young at heart, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few years on me.  All my life, I’ve tried to be the best person I could be.  From time to time, I’ve sought the advice and wisdom of great teachers, mentors, religious practitioners, shamans, and even the occasional psychic.  This song sums up the amazingly consistent messages I’ve received over the years.

Words and music © 2012 Jacqueline Jax Silva Harmony Playground, ASCAP, all rights reserved. 


When I was just a young thing, not even out of school
I saw a psychic reader I thought was really cool
I asked to get a reading for what would lie ahead
He just looked me in the eye and this is what he said

    You’re on the right path, you’re doin’ all the right things
    Just walk the path you’ve chosen embracing what it brings
    Everything will work out right, you really can’t go wrong
    So keep on keepin’ on and just be happy

As I was getting older I decided to reflect 
On what I had accomplished and a vision to perfect
I traveled to a foreign land and sought the eldest wise
Then asked them for their council and this was their advice


Even after all this time, sometimes I still forget
When I look outside myself for answers what I get 
Is one wise person or another pointing out to me
There’s nothing wrong, it’s all alright, I’m just where I should be  



I’m on the right path, I don’t worry anymore
I arrived here long ago; what was I looking for?
I don’t have to seek a truth, it’s been here all along
I keep on keepin’ on and I’m happy
Ooo, I’m happy!