Keep Listening

This song’s lyrics lean spiritual.  It’s about listening for the still, small voice that is NOT the “Hang Up the Phone” type of thought, but God, Spirit, Higher Wisdom, Common Sense (not always so common) whatever name you may use for the best of who you are.  Thanks to Reverend Wendy Craig-Purcell whose thoughtful talks have empowered many a listener.

Words and music © 2012 Jacqueline Jax Silva Harmony Playground, ASCAP, all rights reserved.


When listening for the call, if I’m moving at a crawl
    Just to choose the right direction
When I’m skating on a prayer, just going who knows where
    Not a clue 
    What to do
    Feeling scared

I work to persevere, as I’m wondering where to steer
    With the very best intention
I think I’ve got it right, when I’ve got the dream in sight
    I advance
    Take a chance
    Play it bold

Listen, when it seems I’ve lost my way
I keep listening for what Spirit has to say
Keep listening, as I open up to pray
I keep listening, keep listening

As it gets more intense, full of magic and suspense
    Don’t forget your affirmation
It’s time to seize the day, letting Spirit lead the way
    Vision keen
    Message seen




Keep listening, when you feel the presence near
Keep listening, when you don’t like what you hear
Keep listening, oh, as your dreams start to appear
Keep listening, keep listening, Ooo-oo-oo-oo!