Special Place in Heaven


There’s a special place in Heaven

For people like you

Bless the world for all you give

As you live

your life through

You may think you’re not so special

That anyone could do the same

But as witness to your grace

You have earned a loving place

In humanity’s embrace


There’s a special place inside you

That knows only love

Those who know you know that thing

That I’m singing of

You reach out with so much courage

Walking through each fearsome storm

That lightening in your heart

Ignites a special spark

That makes your life a work of art



That your life matters

You cannot deny

We honor and love what you exemplify



There’s a special place within us

That moves and inspires

It begins inside the heart

where our love

never tires

Please don’t take it for granted

Be faithful to your dreams

Let your spirit flow

In time your gifts will show

Just give them time to grow


Using all your might

Seek out what feels right

Until those dreams take flight